Our classes are split by age.

Litte Buzzards Age 4-6

Regular Junior classes Age 7-12.

Junior Classes

Tues 6-7pm Cedars Upper School

Weds 515-615pm  Gilbert Inglefield Academy

Thurs 5-545pm Age 4-6 Little Buzzards. Gilbert Inglefield Academy

Thurs 6-7pm Gilbert Inglefield Academy

Sat 10-11am Cottesloe School, Wing

Junior classes are age 7-12, Little Buzzards is the class for our age 4-6 year olds.

Research says it’s the respect children learn, whether from bowing or standing still and waiting for the next command, that can be the most important benefit: It often carries over into school, helping to improve behaviour and even grades. Most importantly, we always aim to have fun in class too!

“You have transformed Kyran from a timid shy little boy to a confident young man who has achieved his biggest achievement, his black belt. He has had amazing support and dedication from Sensei Jo, thank you for all you do”