“Do I have to be fit to start?”

No!  The classes are for all levels of fitness and experience.

“What can I expect during a class?”
No two classes are the same!  The class generally starts with a interval based warm up which will help develop your cardio fitness and build strength. The rest of the class will focus on technical line work, partner work, sparring and pad training.   Martial arts are one of the most effective ways of burning calories, increasing muscle tone, flexibility and strength.
“What are the students like?”
We have a fantastic and diverse range of students who usually end up becoming friends outside of the dojo. There is a mixture of males and females of all ages.  There is a great atmosphere in the class of passion and always humour!
“Do I need to sign a contract?”

No. Payment is done monthly and you are not tied into a contract.  For newcomers, you may pay as you for 3 classes to decide if you wish to join up.  There is a one off joining fee, which includes your training GI (uniform) and a yearly cost for a licence. 

“What should I bring to my first lesson?”
Wear something comfortable for exercise and getting sweaty in and bring a bottle of water. Trainers are permitted for the warm up but the rest of the class is done bare foot.
“Is there an age limit?”
Martial arts has no age limit, it is a lifestyle. Your training is based on you and your goals. (The splits are not expected!) Children are accepted from age 6.
“I am nervous about being hurt”
We practice contact in a very safe environment with full protective equipment, always at a level that is comfortable for the individual and their training needs.  There are no egos in our dojo!
“Will I lose weight?”
Training with ECKA will improve your body shape, increase your muscle tone and strength. Students find they lose excess body fat after starting with ECKA. The workouts burn a very high amount of calories each session.