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Our Karate Students – Pete B

1. How old were you when you started training and why did you choose martial arts? I had done a couple of years kickboxing on and off at other clubs when I was younger but had serveral years off, moved house and then started with ECKA age 33 (and very much a beginner...

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Why Choose Martial Arts Instead Of The Gym?

5 years in the Gym & 5 years in the Dojo - Only one results in a Black Belt! Training with ECKA not only teaches you life saving skills in self-defence, it helps you achieve your fitness and weight goals simultaneously. ECKA Students say their lifestyle has...

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Our Karate Students – Natasha

1 How old were you when you started training? 39 2. How do you maintain your work / life balance, has there ever been a time when work was threatening to get in the way and what made you decide to keep training? Work and life in general gets in the way of doing the...

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Yoga and Martial Arts

Yoga and Martial Arts At first glance, Yoga and Martial Arts seem like opposing forces and philosophies, but on closer inspection they are in fact opposite sides of the same coin, yin and yang you could say. After many years of constant back pain, trips to osteopaths,...

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Self Defence Tips

If you are in a self defence situation you only have a few seconds to decide how to bet defend yourself.   Easier said than done but the first rule is to try and relax and stay focused. This will help to conserve energy which you may need....

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Self Defence For Women

Self defence for women (and everyone) is a basic skill we could all do with learning about. The following points you should know about personal safety. Awareness:  The first and probably most important, component in self-defence is awareness: awareness of yourself,...

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