Beginner Classes

Our adult classes are tailored for all levels, so don’t worry if you’re not in the shape you wish to be or if your child is shy or the opposite!


Our students participate at their own level and are always encouraged positively, which leads to real progression in skill and technique. ECKA enjoys a high level of discipline and respect all whilst retaining a sense of humour.


There will be no expectations of you or requirements to do the splits or break wood!


Your first class is free if you book in advance.

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√ Improve Strength and Wellbeing
Realistic Self Defence
 All Levels, Ages and Experience Welcome
√ No Contracts or Egos


“Highly recommended to everyone who would like to improve their fitness, flexibility, confidence and/or make martial arts a way of life. The club offers all of this and much much more to everyone, regardless of their level. I feel lucky and privileged to have been part of it.”


“An amazing way to get back into a fitness routine after almost ten years, two babies and coming up to forty years old too. Sensei Jo is an amazing teacher, and is very inspirational and supportive and makes you want to do the best you can. Love it!”