About ECKA

Our philosophy is focused on enjoyment , encouragement and training together to reach our individual goals. We train hard, laugh a lot and we have a great community feel. The splits are not required!

Karate & Kickboxing, Leighton Buzzard & Wing

Sensei Jo Randall

3rd Dan Black Belt & Chief Instructor 

  • – WAKO Qualified Instructor
  • – 3 x National ECKA Champion
  • – Freestyle Fitness Yoga Instructor
  • – Body in Mind Facilitator
  • – Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology

Jo has been in martial arts since 2002, training under ECKA chief instructor Sensei Dev Barrett 8th Dan & head of WAKO GB Ring sports.

Competed nationally & internationally. She also spent one month training with Shaolin 34th Generation Warrior Monks in China in 2014.

She has trained with other notable instructors; Kancho Henk Kuipers, Michael “Venum” Page, Grandmaster A, Remy Bon-jasky, Semy Schilt, Elijah Everill, Ray Hoffman, Chantelle Cam-eron & Monika Markowska.

Sensei Pete Jardine

2nd Dan Black Belt

  • – WAKO Qualified Instructor
  • – 1 x ECKA National Champion

Sensei Pete has competed nationally in semi & light contact. In martial arts since age 11 and marathon runner.

Karate & Kickboxing, Leighton Buzzard & Wing

 “I’m fitter, healthier, I’ve given up smoking with no chance of going back, in fact I feel the best I ever have and only want to do better. I owe you!”


“An amazing way to get back into a fitness routine after almost ten years, two babies and coming up to forty years old too. Sensei Jo is an amazing teacher, and is very inspirational and supportive and makes you want to do the best you can. Love it!”


“I never thought I would go far in competing. Never even thought I would step onto the mat. So to walk away with a national title is unbelievable. I wouldn’t have accomplished this without Sensei Jo. The dedication that she brings to each lesson and the encouragement given is infectious. ECKA has become one of the biggest and most positive influences in my life, not just in the dojo as well. Thank you”.


“Awesome martial arts club! The lessons are interesting, challenging and each one is different. Much more fun than going to a gym! Nice group of students and a great instructor in Sensei Jo.”


“My children attend and love learning karate. They like the structure and the fact each class is different, it’s challenging and great exercise for them!.”