Adult Classes

Our classes are tailored for all levels of fitness from zero to advanced. You participate at your own level while progressing in skill and technique. Your fitness will rapidly improve along with many other benefits.   ECKA has no emphasis on aggression or violence, instead stresses the importance of discipline and respect. We train with contact and always at a safe level. Our classes are very friendly and new students will receive a very warm welcome.   We train hard and laugh a lot!
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The Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Self Defence

Karate teaches you life-saving self-defence skills at the same time as getting in shape.  You cannot achieve both of these by running on a treadmill or lifting weights.

Total Body Workout

Karate and Kickboxing is a high-intensity workout that uses every muscle group. Your stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, balance and strength will all improve. The classes are challenging but only ever at your own pace.

Stress Relief

Is an extremely powerful benefit of martial arts.

Improved Health

Due to the total-body nature of an ECKA workout, hundreds of calories are burned during every class. Regular training usually has a knock on effect with day to day life, eating habits, giving up smoking and a desire to take this healthier approach every day. “Healthy Body equals a Healthy Mind”

Better Self-Confidence

The  greatest benefit is improved self-confidence. You become more comfortable in all situations, whether you’re in danger or simply doing a task that takes you beyond your comfort zone. The grading system offers a great sense of achievement also.

A Typical Class

A class will consist of high intensity warm up followed by practising techniques such as kicking, punching and blocks in lines or with partners. We spar with protective equipment and have pad training classes. No two classes are the same. All you need for your first class is comfortable clothes for exercising and a bottle of water.

Adult Class Times

Leighton Buzzard Tuesday and Thursday  7-830pm  Wing Monday 630-8pm

“This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Sensei Jo is an inspiration, professional and great fun. My confidence as soared since I started. My fitness is increasing and in my 47th year that’s no mean feat. Long may it continue.”

“This is a great club for Karate. Delivers brilliant training week in, week out. Provides a good environment to promote continuous improvement with your techniques.”

“To date the best club I have ever joined. ECKA is very friendly and I felt very welcome since day one. Sensei Jo is very competent, passionate and incredibly knowledgeable. I really learnt a lot while in the club and every class brought a new challenge and was different from the previous one. Highly recommended to everyone who would like to improve their fitness, flexibility, confidence and/or make martial arts a way of life. The club offers all of this and much more to everyone, regardless of their level. I feel lucky and privileged to be part of it.”

”I never thought I would go far in competing. Never even thought I would step onto the mat. So to walk away with a national title is unbelievable. I wouldn’t have accomplished this without Sensei Jo. The dedication that she brings to each lesson and the encouragement given is infectious. ECKA has become one of the biggest and most positive influences in my life, not just in the dojo as well. Thank you”

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